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It’s time to rebuild the blog. Because my server died, I haven’t recovered a lot of old blog posts. I actually found some of them online. Even though I never blogged much, it was nice to find that stuff and feel good that I have a voice once.

I’ve been so involved in the enabling of publishing, because I thrive on the problems on producing content. I really do enjoy trying to understand how one goes about getting themselves online. It was nice to chat with Brant together. I feel clear and coherent. I know what it means to separate oneself from the high end production and storyingboarding that we so often bring to building a website. We want it to be pristine, yet we forget the medium isn’t about that. It’s so much more informal. It’s about finding a place for the pieces of our work, not judging and not cataloguing it, when we should instead focus on pushing it out. Later, we can take the opportunity to a something that really grounds our voice.