Darcy, before kids

I am a systems designer, writer, storyteller, information architect and eLearning consultant. I am also an experienced web developer, who has always embraced the cutting edge in an effort to help mature the platforms we use. Open source and open content are two very important principles to me and I make sure I embrace their ideals in everything I do.

I like to take the big picture view on technology, focusing on the ways that it affects our lives. This has led me to explore many of the ways we interact online, but my interest has always revolved around content management and production systems. As producers, we are all part of a great social experiment to hack the noosphere and expand our physical lives deep into the realm of the digital. What we produce online is becoming a major part of our work and our lives.

I must admit that I have started almost as many blogs as I’ve started notebooks, but I keep coming back to them. In my work, everything is a blog. It’s some thing posted by someone – a single fragment of information (media, page, story, thought). This is good because it lets us take what is otherwise a stream of consciousness notebook and use it to build something far more complete, far more produced.

I also started a business in my other life. It’s called Aporia, The story about why I called it that is almost as interesting as the work I do.

I can be found on Twitter as @1000camels, Google+, LinkedIn and that other social network no one uses.