building the open system

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so i just found out about the xml conference in the united states – this time it’s in georgia in november.  i would like to submit my abstract again on open systems design.  but of course, this time, i’ll mention xml.  that was a slight oversight for an abstract for an xml conference.

anyway, i’m understanding better how to express the system.  essentially, i think there is lots of room for systems designers to sync up content producers with the individual fragments to xml which can be used within a website.  i’ve been working hard lately to change how i conduct my business.  i begin every project now by demanding that the client start to use  this allows me to use a content management system right from the start.  it begins to illustrate to the client how i work.  and it also helps them to stop thinking about the website as a thing.  too often, clients like to get involved in designing the website.  they mostly pay attention to the virtual elements, and generally, they don’t understand navigation or context.  so by drawing their attention away from the ‘website’, i help them to focus on their business (ie. the content).  then i implement a system around the content, which helps to guide the actual design of the site.  as well, i am in a wonderful position to start implementing further elaborations on moving information.  rss is just one medium, and when you have control over the content, you can easily produce feeds.  from there it’s an easy step producing other kinds of media, whether it’s pdfs (for sales sheets) or mobile phone content.  it does not matter in the beginning.

an open system is a a system open for business.