from one client to open source

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the contract with st christopher house is coming to an end and the community learning network is just beginning. we need to stop listening to the client and start focusing on the life of the open source project. this is key, otherwise the open source project won’t last. unlike a traditional software development project, the open source project cannot rely on money supporting it and markets directing it. instead, it must adapt in order to survive.

the os project must focus on the community. the best way to build a community is to give them a reason to join. the reason to join is to ultimately add to the project. to not be just a consumer, but a producer as well.

producing is not a burden to someone who cares about the information. this is why are experiencing the blogging phenomena – everyone wants to express their opinion. and opinion is nothing more than expression of our involvement. we all want to be part of the experience. and we’ll volunteer our time to achieve this. so we will produce and consumer. and the whole experience of creating online content will be to experience the community.