XML as object

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i’m working on a new article, tentatively entitled ‘xml as object’.  it further explores the ideas behind ‘open systems design’, emphasizing the approach to the media – encapsulating the xml, so as to gain better control over the object itself.  this idea is, of course, not new, however the approach and the simplicity to how you can begin creating these xml objects is key to almost any web system project.  the initial focus of this methodology is to first determine the key types of content within your system. certainly, most systems will include basic types like text, image, video and audio, but there are obviously more meaningful complex objects like the ‘story object’, that alan has proposed.  these types can also be thought of as the main manageable content pieces.  in the case of the journalizer(v2), these pieces are the journalbits.

the meeting today at loyalist went well.  as a result, i am excited again about what is happening with loyalist.  i think it would be nice to write this paper and present it to the xml conference and get the Centre to print it.