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i just posted a (super) short story i had written over a year ago.  i was reminded of it today as i scanned through my feeds, posting the important/interesting stories to  what i was struck by was how i wasn’t even reading the stories/webpages.  i often do read them all, but today, i was more interested in getting through.  the funny thing to me is that i am still following through with this categorization (my tagging) of these news stories.  i assume i am doing it for myself – for some future reference – and that most likely true.  however, since itself is a social bookmarking tool, i might want to consider that this filtering is for someone else.  and then i was reminded of my story ‘the web’.  of course, i am not being paid to do this work, but i could imagine how i might be able to do this as a job – i could become an expert tagger.  a kind of less organized informal approach to dmoz.