simple production

the blog revolution is only a revolution because it is changing the way people think about producing content.  in fact, now they are thinking about producing content.  before, we were all about webpages.   oh, you want to get online – you need to create a webpage.  i’m sure this only really made sense to the technically savvy.  Everyone else was forced to nod their heads and follow along.  but now, we’re getting rid of that archaic idea – the webpage.  there is no need for it.  it complicates things when all we’re initially concerned with is producing the content.  so let’s just focus on that.

so we have some content to produce.  what is it?  what type of thing is it?  the blog, especially this blog client i am using (called ecto), enables me to ignore the actual weblog.  instead, i’m just focusing upon one entry.  just some simple text content.  there are other features and aspects to a blog (summary, continuation, whether i want to ping directory sites), but none of these are necessarily needed in the beginning.  they are really advanced options and therefore, only meaningful to the advanced.  but for the simple content producer – the person first exploring their weblog.  who knows what will happen.