I’m back

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Well, at least I am going to use this platform to describe a few things I have been thinking about and working while I look for work in Sydney.

A few years ago, I was busy doing work for the Journalism & Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong, including teaching the Digital Journalism, principles and tools course. For a while this was a good fit for me. I am still quite focused on content management, especially relating to media. I was also taken by the rapidly evolving landscape that journalism is facing. Eventually though, I found that academia was not for me. Perhaps one day I will write about that.

At the beginning of 2016, I decided to leave HKU and start a small web development and consulting firm, Aporia Limited. I knew a lot of people who needed help with their small to mid-sized sites, so it was an easy direction to head in.

I spent the last year and a half developing various projects. I wrote about a few on Aporia’s site. I may add a few posts for the last few projects, which had some interesting aspects to them. But throughout this time, I have decided that doing small projects is quite hard and not very satisfying. I like working with clients over a longer period, helping them get to somewhere completely different. Small development projects have their challenges and some are very interesting. But unfortunately many of the projects I was working on did not have the resources to think long-term. In the end, I found them not very satisfying.

So now, onto new things.