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mediaSpace came together today.  it’s basically a new framework based upon gallerySpace.  i’ve copied a lot of ideas from other systems.  at least in form.  i love the tagging system from delicious.  i want to make sure all the media (images and files) are able to be tagged and served up with that tagging system.

what this gives me is a clear framework to develop any kind of content and tag it and offer it up based upon tags, collections (formal orderings) or directly.  and what media is, at this point, i don’t care.  please, don’t be offended.  i like content. really.  i just don’t seem to be producing much lately.  i’m too caught up in systems design and that causes me to ignore content.

anyway, the system is coming together.  alan and i are getting together tomorrow to bang on this.  we should be able to tie in some of the backend.  at least, i’m hoping we can decide upon the interface to it.